Cognitive Behavioral Couples Therapy FEES & INSURANCE

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​CALL: 1-415-543-2418 For a FREE 20 Minute Initial Telephone Consultation


Standard Couples Session   $300          

Longer Couples Sessions Prorated

Women's Individual Session   $300

​Men's Individual Session  $300


These fees are the same with one person in the office or two. The same fees also apply to phone sessions whether one or two people are on the line.

The frequency of sessions varies with the degree of crisis and/or the motivation for rapid improvement. Therefore, couples and individuals in crisis or who are highly motivated often come in for longer sessions twice a week. Others not in crisis who prefer slower more gradual progress usually come in for shorter sessions once a week.

INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT: Every session is to be paid for at the time of service with cash or check (No Credit Cards). Most consumers now have health insurance that allows choice of one's LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST. Receipts are provided once a month to be turned into the insurance company for reimbursement. Most conventional insurance  policies and most PPO policies will reimburse for a LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST. Most HMO policies will not. If you have a PPO policy, you are generally allowed to choose an  "out of network" psychologist. Currently, most of our patients with PPO policies are being reimbursed at the rate  of 70%. You have to specifically ask your PPO company for their "out of network" rate. Companies usually will not offer the information without being asked. It is your responsibility to verify your own coverage.