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Dr. Dwight H. Grisham, Licensed Psychologist  


Welcome to the opportunity to improve your relationship in a safe place, where both of you can be heard and have your feelings validated.

                ANGER MANAGEMENT

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Couples

                         & Individuals

      MARRIAGE COUNSELING                               THROUGH        



                     EMDR for PTSD

CONFLICT RESOLUTIONS SKILLS: Learn anger management. Resolve one issue at a time. Diminish name calling/condemnation. Hold one another accountable for behavior. Minimize faulty assumptions. Eliminate verbal/physical abuse. Work towards full honesty. Build an emotional bank account. Improve the ratio of favorable/unfavorable interactions. Acknowledge each person's authority.  Wisely handle joint finances.  Overcome traumatic blocks to re-establishing trust (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD) through EMDR.


EMOTIONAL MATURATION: Distinguish between appropriate/inappropriate emotional expression. Identify/heal childhood emotional triggers (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD) through EMDR. Differentiate between reasonable/unreasonable expectations.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Improve listening skills. Take responsibility for your actions. Increase empathy. Practice sincere and complete apologies. Acknowledge limitations.  Distinguish between needs and desires. Ask for what's important. Eliminate domestic violence, infidelity and extramarital affairs.     Overcome excessive jealousy.  Recover from addictions and their underlying causes (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD) through EMDR.